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At Splash Fabric, we love creating quality, innovative fabrics. We make fail-proof products that hold up to your lifestyle while looking awesome! Rugged whimsy for your everyday. In 2013 we discovered laminated cotton -- truly magical stuff that’s lightyears ahead of oilcloth but offers that same colorful and quirky vibe. It’s eco-friendly, biodegradable, kid-safe, 100% cotton with a water based polyurethane coating. Come touch it for yourself! Here’s how laminated cotton really excels compared to oilcloth:

  • Ecofriendly and Biodegradable
  • Food Safe
  • Consumer Healthy
  • Pliable and buttery soft
  • High heat resistance
  • Washable and if necessary ironable

What is Oilcloth?

Most of us can recall our parents’ or grandparents’ oilcloth table coverings -- colorful, shiny and spill proof. When oilcloth was invented in the 18th century as a waterproof fabric, it was a welcome and practical alternative to the table coverings people had used for centuries from Roman times. 

Why choose Splash Fabric’s Laminated Cotton over oilcloth?

Splash Fabric’s laminated cotton is a relatively new, eco-friendly food safe material that we’ve been fashioning into colorful, fun, and functional products since 2013. It’s waterproof, lightweight, durable and heat resistant, and it contains no PVC, BPA or lead phthalate. Our fabric is soft on the plain underside and waterproof on the printed side. And while a quick wipe cleans our fabric right up, it’s also machine washable, a huge advantage over oilcloth and other waterproof materials. Oilcloth will break down with repeated machine washing, but laminated cotton takes machine washing in stride and can be scrunched up easily so it won’t occupy your entire machine. And since laminated cotton is softer and more pliable, you can use it for all kinds of products while making them exceptionally durable and waterproof. 


Splash Fabric is safe for your family and the planet

Splash Fabric’s laminated cotton is biodegradable. It also complies with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and has earned “Oeko-tex® Certification”: global standard for environmentally friendly and socially responsible textile production.  Our fabric is also Food Safe. The STC testing laboratory tested our fabric and found that it easily complies with the FDA Food Safety standard CFR 175.300.

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