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Half-Square Triangles (HSTs)

HSTs are a beautiful & fundamental element to so many quilt patterns.
Depending upon the colors used and how they are turned, you can create some very diverse patterns.
Everyone has their own favorite way of making HSTs - two very common methods are: 2-At-A-Time HSTs and 4-At-A-Time HSTs

  2-at-a-Time HSTs
This method is simple and quick, yielding 2 HSTs with very little waste.  
You'll see it in many of our patterns at Busy Bee Quilts
Two fabric squares right-sides-together, sew 1/4" seam to either side of diagonal, 
Cut corner-to-corner, press open & trim 2 identical HSTs! 
  4-at-a-Time HSTs
This can be a really slick way to quickly make 4 HSTs with very little waste. 
We've tried it out during some of our programs at Busy Bee Quilts with good success.

Basically: Two fabric squares right-sides-together, sew 1/4" seam around all four edges, cut corner-to-corner 2x, press open & trim. Voila! 4 identical HSTs!

If you use this method, be mindful that the HST edges will be cut along the bias - this can sometimes affect the assembly later on.

Trimming HSTs
Once you've sewn and what?
Download the Supplement Sheet shown below for great HST tips, including methods for trimming those HSTs to the perfect size!

Happy HSTs!   ~Bee Creative!~

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