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Sep 9

Directional Fabric - Woven Star

Updated: Sep 10

The Woven Star Block is part of the Saturday Sampler 2019 program for September.

It is a lovely pattern, giving an effect of ribbons interlaced over & under each other - Woven!

There are a few directional fabrics among the colorways (Batiks & Amish solids are off the hook!)

Paying close attention to the orientation of the fabrics during cutting and assembly can add to the realism of this woven effect and scratch that compulsive itch.

CLICK HERE for this handy Supplement Page to help with the cutting and assembly steps!

*If you want an extra challenge, you can adjust your cuts so that the pattern matches in adjacent pieces, making those seams all but disappear! But we'll leave that to the patience of the reader. :)

We'd love to see how it turned out! Post your pics in the replies to this post!

Happy Quilting! ~Bee Creative~

Woven Star - Civil War Reproduction colorway
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